Center for Investigative Reporting sues University of Louisville Foundation

From the KCIR web site: Why We Are Suing The University Of Louisville Foundation by: Brendan McCarthy

“The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting filed a lawsuit Thursday against the University of Louisville Foundation, the latest step in a long public records fight.

“For seven months, our newsroom has sought the release of ethics and disclosure forms, as well as payroll and financial documents, from the university’s nonprofit fundraising organization.

“Throughout this long process, the Foundation has resisted or ignored our records requests, delayed and fought to block our access to these public records.

“We are filing this lawsuit because information about the finances and administration of a public university and its fundraising unit is in the public’s interest. Courts have repeatedly it made clear: the Foundation is a public agency and part of U of L.

“It is our journalistic mission to push for transparency in state institutions and government. It is our job to promote the public’s right to know what is going on behind closed doors.

“Kentuckians deserve to know more about the 46-year-old nonprofit that manages the school’s roughly $730 million endowment. This same public agency has taken out a $38 million loan from the university it’s set up to support. Meanwhile, trustees have complained about a “culture of secrecy” at the Foundation. Answers about who runs the nonprofit, and how, are few and far between. . . . (READ MORE AND VIEW COURT DOCUMENTS HERE)