Kim Richards – Grounds for removal from office


KRS 62.010(2) requires every individual who is elected to public office to take the necessary oath of office before undertaking the duties of that office. Those who are appointed to public office must take the oath within 30 days after receiving notice of appointment, as required in  KRS 62.010(3)

Mayor Rick Richards appointed Kimberly Richards to the office of City Clerk-Treasurer for West Buechel in January, 2015, and she began to perform the duties of that office immediately. However, Kim Richards did not take her oath of office until June 9, 2015, more than 30 days later. (See City Council meeting minutes for June 9, 2015 Council meeting below)

By waiting until June to take her oath of office, Ms. Richards violated the time requirements of KRS 62.01(3)

KRS 62.990(2)(b) provides that when the oath of office provisions of KRS 62.01(3) are violated, “his office shall be considered vacant, and he shall not be eligible for the same office for two (2) years.”

All that is now required to get Kim Richards out of West Buechel City Hall is the say-so of a Jefferson Circuit Court Judge.

2015-06-09-Minutes (Text)

Holding Kentucky Judges Accountable

The Judicial Conduct Commission is authorized to take disciplinary action against a sitting Kentucky Judge. The Commission also has authority over trial commissioners, domestic relations commissioners, master commissioners and attorneys who are candidates for judicial office.

The Kentucky Code of Judicial Conduct, SCR 4.300, outlines the basic rules of ethics and right conduct under which Kentucky judges must operate. The vast majority of Kentucky judged perform their job functions honorably and honestly, everyone makes mistakes now and then, but there may always be a rotten few. Systems are in place to detect and correct deviations from the accepted norms.

Although the Judicial Conduct Commission may investigate a judge’s performance upon its own initiative, anyone may file a written complaint that will be evaluated and investigated, as appropriate.

The form for a written complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commission may be found here: How to file a complaint.