West Buechel’s $10,000 Gate to Nowhere



Without any formal approval from the City Council, Mayor Richards took it upon himself to fence in the West Buechel Community Center at an unknown total cost to the City. The electric keypad operated gate you can see in the photo on the right, with an electro-magnetic lock, easily cost the taxpayers more than $10,000 by itself.

The only thing this new fence and electric gate accomplishes is to keep cars out of the Community Center parking lot after hours and on weekends. It doesn’t keep people out.

The reasons for this boondoggle have never been explained to the public, or even discussed at any public meeting.  The City Council members have never gone on the record to indicate if they approve or disapprove this type of wasteful spending of taxpayer’s money. It makes the Community Center look like a FEMA internment camp. Gulag West Buechel.

In the past, the West Buechel City Council has approved annual City budgets that allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars in vague undefined “slush fund” categories and, like Pontius Pilate, washed their hands of it and pretended not to notice how the money was being spent. Only a few brave souls on the West Buechel City Council are willing to make a fuss.

The City’s slipshod budget process needs reform, the Mayor’s out of control spending needs to be reined in , and strict budget discipline should be enforced. West Buechel City Hall must answer to the people of West Buechel and the City Council must do its job. Somebody needs to raise a ruckus.

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