Gross negligence

In 2015 Kimberly Richards, Clerk/Treasurer for the City of West Buechel, was late on four separate occasions in reporting and making payments to Kentucky Retirement System, resulting in $4,000 in statutory penalty assessments being imposed upon the City.

The payments and the reports are due on or before the tenth of the month for employee retirement contributions, based on payroll of the preceding month.

In March, 2015, Kim Richards did not file either of the two required reports or make a bank transfer until March, 19, nine days late.

The resulting mandatory $1,000 penalty has still not been paid. Kimberly Richards has not paid it.

In May, 2015, the required reports and payment were not submitted until May, 21, eleven days late. Kim Richards has not paid that $1,000 fine either.

August was nineteen days late and September was six days late. Once again in February, 2016 a report was twelve days late.

All this adds up to a $5,000 unpaid debt West Buechel owes the Kentucky Retirement System.I know these Penalty Invoices have not been paid because Jennifer Jones, Assistant General Council for Kentucky Retirement Systems wrote it in an email to me on April 19, 2016.

Anyone else besides Mayor Richards ex-wife would have been fired for such repetitive failures.

See for yourself. Here are the Penalty Invoices from the Kentucky Retirement System.

West Buechel penalty invoices by Southern Specialty Law Publishing

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