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Resolved: This nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people,shall not perish from the earth.

- Abraham Lincoln

Accountable Kentucky Incorporated is a Kentucky non-profit eleemosynary organization created and operated for the public good. Our December 22, 2015 registration with the Kentucky Secretary of State can be viewed online. We expect to make application for federal tax exempt status as a charitable 501(c)(3) entity before the end of 2016. We anticipate the IRS will grant the exemption after reviewing our history of operations.

The primary mission of Accountable Kentucky is to promote excellence, transparency, full disclosure and accountability in local government. We have been saddened to find the first steps to good local government may involve the exposure and elimination of existing incompetent government operations and corrupt public officials. The path to good government requires confronting bad government.

The launching pad for our endeavor is West Buechel, Kentucky.

The City of West Buechel recently underwent a special audit by Kentucky's Auditor of Public Accounts. On December 10, 2015 that audit report was made public. In summary, Auditor Adam Edelen said, "this city of roughly 1,300 residents is a mess."

The on-going project is called Watchdog West Buechel. Accountable Kentucky Incorporated is a sponsor and fiscal agent for the Watchdog. The method revolves around Open Records Requests, litigation when necessary and the involvement of law enforcement when appropriate.

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